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Food & Beverage:

We manufacture and supply industry-leading food and beverage packaging to both large and small business.  Whether you produce high volume groceries, fresh produce, fresh or frozen goods, mall batch gin, or vegan friendly niche market products, distinctive and practical packaging is absolutely essential.

If you’re looking for simple and affordable or high-end and distinctive packaging for your products, we are here to help.   We can provide packaging to meet all of your requirements.

Contact us for more information on food and drink packaging solutions.

Household Products

At Northern Packaging, we are proud to offer scalable packaging solutions for products of all kinds. If you want your household products to be distinctive and easily noticeable, our specialist packaging solutions are perfect.

We provide an extensive range of corrugated packaging, from simple case to complex die-cuts and retail-ready solutions. What’s more, we ensure that your product is protected at every step, from initial manufacture to final delivery. That means your household products are retail-ready and can be immediately presented to your customers.

Chemical, Medical & Pharmaceutical:

At Northern Packaging, we design and manufacture secure, damage-resistant packaging to safely contain chemical, medical and pharmaceutical products.  If you are looking for secure medical or chemical product packaging, we can help.

Whatever your packaging requirements, our experienced team offer cost-effective and reliable packaging solutions for medical, chemical and pharmaceutical products. Contact us for more information.

Industrial & Transit:

If you require durable, large format packaging we can meet your needs.  We provide corrugated packaging to protect all kinds of products, including heavy machinery, component parts, bulk food ingredients and horticultural products.

For more information on the wide range of larger format, industrial and transit packaging that we design, manufacture and supply, get in touch.


Looking for reliable, hard-wearing and bespoke packaging to support your eCommerce store?  We can help.  At Northern Packaging, we work with our customers to develop and manufacture the perfect corrugated packaging to protect your products. What’s more, we can also design packaging that will delight your customers when it arrives.

If you want to improve your brand awareness, protect your products and ensure that your business is promoted every time you complete an order, branded eCommerce packaging is essential. To discuss your packaging needs, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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